Matthieu Ricard at Lookout, Daisy Lake


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Work as Practice at Sea to Sky Retreat Centre in 2015

During the May Work as Practice weekend we had fun as we focused on spring opening activities which are represented in the linked page by a few images.  In October, mindful effort and joyful work accomplished the winter preparation activities.

 Robbie Burns Night Supper (25-January-2015) 

Sea to Sky Retreat Centre was closed for the season at the time.  Regardless, the winter caretaking crew was not deterred from celebrating the poetry and joy of Robbie Burns.   Although the haggis was vegan, it was nonethess provided due respect...and it was most delicious as were the accompanying tatties, neeps, mushroom sauce, and fine beverages.  Photos show how we enjoyed for auld lang syne.

October 2014 Winter Preparation

A large group of visiting volunteers joined the resident volunteers for a Work as Practice weekend prior to the winter.   Regardless of the weather, sometimes a drenching rain, we forged ahead... Follow this web link to get the picture of the activities

As the result of the generous offering of effort, thousands of pieces of firewood flew up from the lakeshore to land in the winter woodshed. Also, we worked together to bring the SSRC floating dock into safe harbour above the high water line of the soon-to-freeze Daisy Lake.  To complete the winter preparation, our bunkers were stocked with aromatic bundles of cedar kindling.   In addition, a number of projects were accomplished including road maintenance, rodent-proofing of crawl spaces, building of loft railings, and pre-winter house-cleaning.

May 2014 Forest Cleanup

On the weekend of May 2-4, 30 volunteers gathered to work and practice together.  As a result, the SSRC road is a smoother ride, the trail to the lake is easier walking, the floating dock is available for the tranquil enjoyment of summer retreatants as well as SSRC volunteers, the forest fire hazard is reduced by the cleanup of the forest surrounding SSRC, and the SSRC flower and herb gardens are looking quite cheery. Also, during the weekend, lots of good food was enjoyed. All of the main objectives for the work weekend were beautifully achieved. Beyond that, the collection of Daisy Lake drift logs for next winter's firewood was begun, the new winch was put into operation, and the Rainforest Cinema loft storage was enhanced by the installation of a folding stairway. Some photos of the weekend happenings are now shared on the web. 

October 2013 Winter Preparation

Each Autumn, numerous volunteers offer a weekend to help SSRC prepare for winter. See the photos of this year's event.

May 2013 Forest Cleanup

An exuberant group spent a May weekend doing forest cleanup and other Spring-time tasks during the first Work as Practice program of the 2013 season.

Oct 2012 Work as Practice & Sutra Study

Over 4 days in late October, 36 participants in the Work as Practice program joined the resident volunteers at SSRC to accomplish diverse winter preparation activities (photos). Earlier in October, a diligent group of students spent the Thankgiving long weekend on retreat to contemplate and practice the Buddhist Diamond Sutra

Sep 2012 Mahayana & Vajrayana Retreats

In mid-September Chagdud Khandro bestowed the Red Tara empowerment and practice instructions in a Vajrayana teaching event (photos). In early September, Summer Adams led a group of Mahayana aspirants (photo) in the study and practice of the Bodhisattva path.

June 2012 Forest Cleanup

The Spring Work as Practice event (photos) is dedicated to forest cleanup

April 2012 Introduction to Meditation

During springtime in the mountains, retreat participants practiced Buddhist sitting and walking meditation according to the Dharma Das discipline of progressing on the path. There were convivial meals, a bit of karma yoga, and many lively discussion

Jan 2012 Robbie Burns Day

In the midst of the snowy solitude of SSRC's winter closure time, a few intrepid practitioners gathered to celebrate Robbie Burns Day. Poetic license was taken with the traditional meal by the preparation of a vegetarian haggis. The essence of Robbie Burns good cheer was very much present in the festive gathering.

Nov 2011 Dharma Gar Retreat

Dharma Gar practitioners gathered to learn torma making, to attend guided sadhana practice sessions, and to participate in a special lake-side puja. To join their experience, you are invited to view the photos of the mid-November Dharma Gar retreat.

Nov 2011 Meditation Program

Rinpoche`s book, ``What Makes you Not a Buddhist`` was used as a guide to introduce Buddhist view and practice on a fine weekend in early November. Enjoy the snapshots of the meditation program and its autumnal context.

OCT 2011 Work As Practice

SSRC was prepared for the winter by a cosmopolitan group of energetic and highly capable folks. To check out what happened, see the SSRC winter-prep web page.

JULY 2011 Work As Practice

The Summer 2011 Work As Practice weekend was held from July 29-31. View a PDF pictorial of the accomplishments of this powerhouse weekend. To see action photos, visit the SSRC summer-work web page.

JUNE 2011 Foundation Meeting

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche hosted a meeting at Sea to Sky Retreat Centre of a foundation that funds Buddhist projects around the world. A slide show of that international gathering is posted on the Khyentse Foundation website.

MAY 2011 Forest Cleanup & Heart Sutra

SSRC's annual Forest Cleanup weekend in 2011 had a clearly articulated vision and work plan. Also it was alot of fun and there was alot more happening than forest cleanup as can be seen from photos of the May 6-8 activities. Later in May, a group of practitioners attended a retreat at SSRC focused on the study of the great Buddhist text known as the Heart Sutra.

OCTOBER 2010 Work as Practice

From 29-31 October 2010, Sea to Sky Retreat Centre hosted another of its seasonally scheduled Work as Practice weekends. It was a fully packed weekend swelling to over 40 people on site by Saturday. Each day began with morning meditation and concluded with dedication of merit at day end. Vignettes of the weekend are depicted in the linked photo essay.

AUGUST 2010 Auspicious Visit

On August 23, 2010, Sea to Sky Retreat Centre hosted a visit by Yangsi Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche, Changling Rinpoche, and Matthieu Ricard. Click here to view photos of this auspicious event  or to read an account of this event in an article printed in Pique, a Whistler newmagazine