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Support for Siddhartha’s Intent (SI) comes in many forms. SI is run by a team of volunteers. So support comes in the form of offering their expertise and their volunteer hours.

Support also comes in the form of donations and this financial support comes from people worldwide. Donations cover out of pocket expenses and all of Rinpoche’s teaching activities.

Donations are greatly appreciated and Rinpoche beautifully explained the importance of generosity in Khyentse Foundation’s annual report 2011:

There is a reason why, when we learn the six paramitas, generosity always comes first. As human beings we are so impatient, we want instant gratification, instant happiness, instant results. We often hear that if you are generous, in the future you will be rich. But that’s just a very simplistic way of explaining things. If you really think deeply about the practice of generosity, you see that it not only causes future happiness, the practice itself is instant happiness. When young children are asked to give something, they give it with such joy—giving is part of who we are. Even though many of us may have hidden agendas when we give presents, still the act of giving can bring so much joy and satisfaction.

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