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Guided Ngöndro Retreat (Optional Guided and Extended Retreat)

17 - 24 April 2020
Sea to Sky Retreat Centre

AT: Sea to Sky Retreat Centre, Whistler, Canada

"...Ngondro is the foundation of all Vajrayana practice and therefore even more important than the so-called main practice''  

Not for Happiness by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche.

This program is open to anyone who wishes to start practicing Ngondro as well as those enrolled in Ngöndro Gar  (Ngöndro Gar is an international community of students practicing Ngöndro following the teachings of Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse RinpocheFor more information, go to:

This guided Ngöndro retreat will provide an overview of the Ngöndro practice with Dharma talks, demonstration and support from instructors in the inspiring environment of a Retreat Center where Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche has done many personal retreats. This retreat will be led by Ngöndro instructors authorized by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, Bruce Ashton, and Cydney Kawamura.

The guided retreat will provide an opportunity for Ngöndro students to deepen their understanding of the theory and to gain more experience and confidence in their practices. There will be sessions of group practice, group prayers, and group discussion. The guided retreat will begin in the evening of April 17th and will conclude at 12:30, with departures after lunch on April 22nd.

The extended retreat is offered especially to those who are practicing within the Ngöndro Gar and want credit for a total of 168 hours for seven days of retreat. This part of the retreat will begin at the conclusion of the guided retreat and will conclude at 4:30pm on April 24th. It will be overseen by Bruce Ashton.


1.  A minimum of 10 confirmed participants required to proceed with this retreat program. Therefore, please send an email to the Retreat Manager ( if you are potentially interested in attending.

2.  The program begins with 3-5 PM afternoon arrivals on Friday, April 17 and with after-lunch departures on Wednesday, April 22. *Those participants staying until Friday, April 24, for the extended retreat, depart on Friday late afternoon or, if needed, Saturday morning, April 25. Please let me the Retreat Manager know if you need to depart Saturday morning and can add an additional night.

3.  The cost of the Guided retreat April 17-22 is $425 Canadian ($327 USD) for a shared room or $650 Canadian ($500 USD) for a private room (limited availability).  


The cost of the Extended retreat April 17-24 is $595 Canadian ($457 USD) for a shared room or $910 Canadian ($693 USD) for a private room (limited availability).